Worcestershire Record Articles

Worcestershire Record No.7 November 1999

p2     Introduction
p2     A Bibliography of Worcestershire’s Natural History
p3     Progress with the National Biodiversity Network – A Visit to Nottingham.
p3     Progress on Computerisation on WBRC Records
p3     Special Wildlife Sites and Species
p5     Are you interested in learning more about mosses and liverworts?
p6     The Border Bryologists and The British Bryological Society
p7     Birds in Worcestershire – April to November 1999
p8     BTO Surveys
p9     Nightingale Survey – Worcestershire 1999 Results
p10    Birds At The New Gwen Finch Wetlands, Birlingham: July/August 1999
p12    Asilus crabroniformis (Diptera – Asilidae) In Worcestershire, Kidderminster Area, 1999
p13    New Orthopteran for Worcestershire – Short-winged Conehead
p13    The Orthoptera (Grasshoppers and Crickets) of Worcestershire
p15    Butterfly Records Arising from Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Publicity and Phone-ins 1999
p16    Monitoring Rural Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) Populations November 1998 to October 20001
p16    Small Mammals and Road Verges. A National Survey
p17    Weasels Crossing!
p17    Polecats Are On Their Way Back
p18    Worcestershire Spider Report – Autumn 1999
p19    Rare Soldier Fly Stratiomys singularior (Harris 1776) at Upton Warren
p19    Soldier Fly Stratiomys potamida Meigen 1822 and Hoverflies at Roundhill Wood
p20    Notable Coleoptera Photographed in Worcestershire in 1999
p20    Worcestershire Longhorn Beetles (Cerambycidae): An Update.
p20    Second County Site for Rare Micromoth Nemophora minimella
p21    Interesting Sawflies (Symphyta) Abia sericea and Abia candens photographed in 1999
p21    Snails in Death’s Dingle
p22    Worcestershire Mothers Group Moth Report 1999
p22    Swimming Weevils at British Camp Reservoir, Malvern
p22    Some Notable Coleoptera Recorded During Surveys in Worcestershire 1999
p25    Worcestershire Red Data Book: Critical Analysis Of Specifically The Structure
p25    The Abstract Centre of Organisation (Best Use of Funds)
p26    Survey and Interpretation of (Particularly Invertebrate) Species Lists
p26    New Book Available: Variation in British Butterflies
p27    Cephalanthera longifolia(L.) Fritsch, Narrow-Leaved Helleborine in the Wyre Forest
p27    The Whitty Pear Alias the Old Sorb Tree Alias the True Service Tree, Sorbus Domestica L. In Worcestershire
p27    The Whitty Pear – Sorbus domestica L. A Natural Pioneer Millennium Award Project, Work in Progress
p31    An Orchard Survey of the City of Worcester February 1999
p33    Loss of Dunnock Nest – To a Frog!
p33    Book Review: English Flowers from Foreign Fields
p34    Upton Warren Worcs BRC Survey Day
p37    Windmill Hill WWT Reserve Recording Day, 29th May 1999
p41    Windmill Hill Spiders