Worcestershire Record Articles

Worcester Record Article No.37 November 2014

1 Averill Mike Averill Dragonflies in Worcestershire 2014
2 Averill Mike Averill Identification of Scorpion Flies
3 Bingham; Bingham John Bingham; Denise Bingham Lasius brunneus (Latreille, 1798). The Tree Ant, Nationally Notable (Na) at Hurcott, Kidderminster
4 Bingham; Bingham John Bingham; Denise Bingham Mordellistena (Mordellistena) variegata (Fabricius, 1798) (Coleoptera, Mordellidae) at Kidderminster
5 Brown Alan Brown Coleoptera of note in the Kidderminster area 2014
6 Brown Alan Brown Hornet Rove beetle Velleius dilatatus (F., 1787) (Col., Staphylinidae) at Kidderminster, Worcestershire
7 Brown Alan Brown Stenelmis canaliculata (Gyllenhal, 1808) (Col., Elmidae) and other aquatic Coleoptera from the Kidderminster and Bewdley areas of Worcestershire
8 Farmer Gary Farmer The Elm Leaf Hopper Iassus scutellaris (Fieber, 1886) at large in Worcestershire
9 Farmer Gary Farmer The large pill woodlouse Armadillidium depressum Brandt, 1833 found in Worcestershire
10 Farmer Gary Farmer Two synanthropic Isopods overlooked in Worcestershire
11 Farmer Gary Farmer Wasps in a box: Dolichovespula sylvestris using a bird nest box
12 Green Harry Green Albino Starling at Hampton, Evesham, 2014
13 Green Harry Green Field recording days 2014
14 Green Harry Green More records of Western Conifer Seed Bug Leptoglossus occidentalis in Worcestershire
15 Green; Wood Harry Green; Simon Wood Recording days records 2014
16 Hill Ann Hill Bryophytes of Hollybed Farm, Malvern
17 Lowe Garth Lowe An interesting cellar with bats, birds and butterflies
18 Matthews Martin Matthews The Gloucester Mecopteran – issue 3 (01, 02)
19 Reid Bert Reid New record in Worcestershire – Chamaesyce serpens
20 Reid Bert Reid The Flora of Worcestershire – Notes and Additions
21 Reid Bert Reid The Flora of Worcestershire – Other Important Updates
22 Scott Jane Scott Discovery of Breeding Colony of Ivy Bee Colletes hederae, in Stourport-on-Severn
23 Scott Jane Scott Platycis minutus Net-winged Beetle at Woodbank, Astley Burf
24 Skirrow Martin Skirrow A Notable B ‘bird dropping’ — an anecdote
25 Trevis Geoff Trevis Dittander Lepidium latifolium L. at Droitwich
26 Turner; Turner Mark Turner; Christine Turner Kites, Ravens and other raptors of the Broadway, Worcestershire, area, March to August 2014
27 Westwood Brett Westwood Armadillidium pulchellum: A new pill-woodlouse for Worcestershire
28 Whitehead Paul F. Whitehead An exposure in the Pershore Member of the Avon Valley Formation at February Piece, Allesborough Hill, Pershore, Worcestershire
29 Whitehead P.F. Whitehead Climbing Corydalis Ceratocapnos claviculata (L.) Lidén (Ranunculales, Papaveraceae) flowering on the Malvern Hills during December
30 Whitehead P.F. Whitehead Gonia picea (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830) (Diptera, Tachinidae) and other significant invertebrates from the Malvern Hills (VC37 SO74)
31 Whitehead P.F. Whitehead Gymnomerus laevipes (Shuckard, 1837) (Hymenoptera, Vespidae) new to Worcestershire and an amendment to the published record
32 Whitehead P.F. Whitehead Taxonomy, clavicipitaceous fungi and the juggler of molecules
33 Whitehead Paul F. Whitehead The Mordellidae or ‘tumbling flower beetles’
34 Whitehead P.F. Whitehead Two genera of carabid beetles overwintering in a single air cell at Birlingham, Worcestershire
35 Windsor Fred Windsor A multi-scalar analysis of habitat characteristics associated with the Noble Chafer beetle Gnorimus nobilis in south Worcestershire