Worcestershire Record Articles

Worcester Record Article No.34 April 2013

1 Arnold Danny Arnold Tawny Owl feeding on carrion
2 Bingham John Bingham Observations of Formica rufa (Linnaeus, 1761) Hymenoptera, carrying another ant at Ribbesford Wood, Worcestershire
3 Bingham John Bingham Phleogena faginea (Fr.) Link (1833), Basidiomycota, Fungi. Fenugreek Stalkball in Shrawley Wood, Worcestershire
4 Bingham John Bingham Invertebrate Records from Worcestershire 2012. CORRECTION Trox scaber was in error
5 Cundall Arthur W. Cundall Fender Fungus Melanotus horizontalis
6 Farmer Gary Farmer Hybrid Greenfinch x Goldfinch in Redditch
7 Farmer Gary Farmer Mapping Worcestershire’s Orthoptera
8 Green | Wade Harry Green & James Wade Pear leaf gall Gymnosporangium sabinae on juniper
9 Green Harry Green BTO Breeding Nightingale Survey 2012
10 Green Harry Green Bumblebees and Orthoptera: Two new atlases
11 Lowe Garth Lowe Rainfall at Old Storridge 2012
12 Meers | Westwood | Green Paul Meers, Brett Westwood & Harry Green Ectoparasite Polysphincta sp., Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae, of the spider Araniella sp. found at Feckenham Wylde Moor
13 Peplow Gavin Peplow Birds in Worcestershire – October 2012 to March 2013
14 Reid Bert Reid Vascular Plant Records 2012
15 Simpson Tony Simpson Moths in Worcestershire VC37 in 2012
16 Whitehead P.F. Whitehead A pictorial field guide to whetstones and related artefacts in Worcestershire during the past 4000 years
17 Whitehead P.F. Whitehead An early Bronze Age flint scatter on the limestone dip-slope of Bredon Hill Worcestershire
18 Whitehead P.F. Whitehead South European hygromiid snail shells introduced to Worcestershire in wild bird seed: a potential hazard for the biological record
19 Winnall Rosemary Winnall Grey Seal Halichoerus grypus in Worcestershire