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Worcestershire Record No.32 April 2012

Worcestershire Record 32 (April 2012)


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1 Averill Mike The new Dragonfly Atlas of England, Wales & Scotland
2 Bingham John Ichneumon sarcitorius Linnaeus 1758. Family Ichneumonidae. Found at Shavers End Quarry, Abberley, Worcestershire
3 Bingham John Gonia picea (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830) Tachinidae, Diptera and Melanimon tibialis (Fabricius, 1781) Tenebrioninae, Coleoptera, Recorded on the Devil’s Spittleful Nature Reserve 2012
4 Bingham John Isaria farinosa (Holmsk.) Fr.1832,. Trichomaceae. Found in Wyre Forest, Worcestershire
5 Bingham John Snow Flea Boreus hyemalis (L., 1767 Mecoptera: Boreidae) in Wyre Forest
6 Bunney Anna Investigating the habitat parameters of the Noble Chafer Beetle Gnorimus nobilis in the Wyre Forest area
7 Green Harry (compiler) Notes on plant bugs (Heteroptera) in Worcestershire:
7.1 Green Harry  • Introduction. Notes on Plant bugs (Heteroptera) in Worcestershire
7.2 Westwood Brett  • Fallen’s Leatherbug Arenocris falleni in Worcester. Notes on Plant bugs (Heteroptera) in Worcestershire
7.3 Westwood Brett  • Masked Hunter on the hearth Reduvius personatusNotes on Plant bugs (Heteroptera) in Worcestershire
7.4 Scott Jane  • Interesting Bugs at Woodbank, Astley Burf 2011. Notes on Plant bugs (Heteroptera) in Worcestershire
7.5 Scott Jane  • Forget-me-not Bug – Sehirus luctuosusNotes on Plant bugs (Heteroptera) in Worcestershire
7.6 Bingham John  • Trapezonotus (Trapezonotus) arenarius (L, 1758). (Lygaeidae) (Heteroptera). Notes on Plant bugs (Heteroptera) in Worcestershire
7.7 Bingham John  • Dicranocephalus medius (Mulsant & Rey, 1870) (Hemiptera) Status: Nb. Notes on Plant bugs (Heteroptera) in Worcestershire
7.8 Bingham John  • Short notes on some Hemiptera found near Kidderminster. Notes on Plant bugs (Heteroptera) in Worcestershire
7.9 Green Harry  • Corizus hyoscyami, a striking red and black bug. Notes on Plant bugs (Heteroptera) in Worcestershire
7.10 Green Harry  • Brassica Bug Eurydema oleracea at Upper Blackstone Farm, Bewdley. Notes on Plant bugs (Heteroptera) in Worcestershire
7.11 – various  • Picture gallery (Heteroptera). Notes on Plant bugs (Heteroptera) in Worcestershire
8 Hill Ann Crayfish of Wyre Forest – an update
9 Knight Graham Female Blackbird taking adult Poplar Hawkmoth in Worcestershire
10 Partridge John Using a Custom Spell-Checker in Excel and Word
11 Reid Bert Vascular Plant Records – Update February 2012
12 Schenke Jenni The autecology of the Noble Chafer Gnorimus nobilis within Worcestershire
13 Sedgeley Jane The National Bechstein’s Bat Survey and Beyond
14 Simpson Tony New moth species recorded in Worcestershire in 2011
15 Umpelby Roger Close encounters with hornets in 2011
16 Umpelby Roger Rooks nesting on pylons
17 Westwood & Bingham Brett Westwood /
John Bingham
Two uncommon Ascomycota fungi in Worcestershire, Geopora sumneriana (Cooke) M. Torre. (Cedar Cup) and Helvella leucomelaena (Pers.) Nannf. (White-footed Elfin Cup)
18 Westwood Brett Horn Stalkball Onygena equina (Willd.) Pers. A recent record for Worcestershire
19 Whitehead P.F. Grey squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis Gmelin) debarking a mature Coast Redwood (Sequioa sempervirens Endlicher) in Evesham town, Worcestershire during the 2010-2011 winter
20 Winnall Rosemary Ants and Extra-floral Nectaries
21 Winnall Rosemary Mystery deaths of Tawny Owls
22 Wright Craig Buzzard Stories