Worcestershire Record Articles

Worcestershire Record No.23 November 2007

p.3        Annual Meeting March 2008
pp.3-4   WBRC Manager’s Report. Simon Wood
p.4        Field Recording Days dates for 2008
pp.4-5   Interesting records from the Recorder’s Committee. Geoff Trevis
p.5        Harlequin ladybirds. Harry Green
pp.6-19  Worcestershire Mammals Atlas. Last call for records. Draft maps prepared by Jenni Schenk. Text Harry Green
p.20       Floods 2007. Harry Green
p.21       Otter at Broughton Hackett. Harry Green
pp.22-23 Worcestershire Ancient Tree Project. November 2007 update. Becky Lashley
pp.24-26 BTO Bird Atlas 2007-2011. Harry Green
p.27       Birds in Worcestershire May to October 2007. Gavin Peplow
pp.28-30 How many Corn Buntings holding territory at Wick Grange Farm. Steve Davies
pp.31-32 Aculeate hymenoptera 2007. Geoff Trevis
pp.33-34 Aphids – a neglected group? Roger Umpelby
pp.35-36 An ant hive. An unusual nest site for the Shining Black Ant Lasius fuliginosus. Harry Green
pp.36-37 The world’s largest aphid? Press Release from Buglife
p.37       Bugs Britannica
pp.38-41 A great cricketing summer. The invasion of Worcestershire by Long-winged coneheads Conocephalus discolor and Roesel’s Bush-crickets Metrioptera roeselii. Harry Green.
p.41       Kemerton Cuttings. John Clarke
pp.42-46 Records of note 2007. Kevin McGee
p.47       The Mullein Moth Cucillia verbasci. Keith Barnett
p.48       Two spreading plant hoppers. John Partridge
p.49       Plant bugs in a wildlife garden 1st January to 30th September 2007. Frank Screen
pp.50-51 Pilot study of glow-worms Lampyris noctiluca. John Clarke & Sue Chandler
p.52       Worcestershire Bryophyte recording. Ann Hill
pp.52-53 Border Bryologists 2007-2008. Mark Lawley
p.53       Which species are really still present at Hartlebury Common SSSI? Joy M Rooney
pp.54-71  Provisional atlas of land snails in South-east Worcestershire. Terry Knight
pp.72-76 Vascular Plant Records for 2006. Compiled by Bert Reid
p.76       Dipper territories along the Dowles Brook 2007. Steve Davies
pp.77-101 Worcestershire Recorders and WBRC Field Recording Days held in 2007. Opening accounts and links to tables of records
pp.102-115 Vascular Plants found at Hollybed and Coombegreen Commons 2005-2007, including records from 2007 recording day. Compiled by Bert Reid