Worcestershire Record Articles

Worcestershire Record No.21 November 2006

p.3      John Meiklejohn
p.4       ANNUAL MEETING 2007
p.4-5    WBRC Manager’s Report. Simon Wood
p.5       Worcestershire ancient trees – applying for a lottery grant
p.5       Border Bryologists meetings. Mark Lawley
p.6       Worcestershire Recorders Constitution – amended
p.7       Worcestershire Ancient Tree Register. John Tilt
p.8       Vision mapping – 18 months on , Becky Lashley
p.9       Callicera aurata in Worcestershire. Brett Westwood
p.9       Callicera aurata in Edgbaston? Editor’s note
p.10-11 Harlequin ladybird Harmonia axyridisCompiled by Harry Green
p.11-12 Worcestershire Orthoptera up-date. Gary Farmer
p.12      Flying land caddis 2006. Mervyn Needham
p.12     The rejuvenated Worcestershire Bat Group
p.13     The Horse Chestnut leaf miner Cameraria ohridella in SW Worcestershire. Robert Homan
p.13-14 Gall observations. John Partridge guided by John Meiklejohn
p.14-15  More news from the wildlife cameras! Rosemary Winnall
p.15-16  Kemerton cuttings April to September 2006. John Clarke
p.16-17  Dracula Sparrowhawk? John Clarke
p.17      Spotted flycatcher study round Bredon Hill 2006. John Clarke
p.17      Worcestershire Mammal Atlas. 2006 the last year of field work.  Harry Green
p.18      Birds of Worcestershire April to October 2006. Gavin Peplow
p.18-19  Trichomonas gallinae Trichomoniasis in wild birds. Compiled by Harry Green
p.19-20   Aerial interrelationships between large mostly predatory birds with particular reference to the Raven. Paul Whitehead
p.20-21  The next BTO Atlas – 2007-2011. Harry Green
p.21      Woodpecker work. Harry Green
p.21-22  What do buzzards eat? Graham & Marie-Anne Martin
p.22       Slug-eating buzzard. Richard & Alison Medley
p.22       Chicken! John Clarke
p.22       A Hawfinch skull. Harry Green
p.23-28   Worcestershire Breeding Bird recording 2006 up-date. Patrick Taylor
p.29-33   Records of note 2006. Kevin McGee
p.33       A helping voice for checking records. John Partridge
p.34-39   A review of Worcestershire aculeate hymenoptera. Geoff Trevis
p.40       Formicoxenus re-found. Brett Westwood
p.40       Formicoxenus nitidulus – a little history. Harry Green
p.41       Hemiptera records for Worcestershire. John Partridge
p.42       Dragonfly sightings in Worcestershire 2006. Mike Averill
p.42       Identification of Red-eyed Damselflies. Mike Averill
p.43       Dragonflies of Worcestershire ranked according to frequency of occurrence. Mike Averill
p.44-47  Vascular Plant records 2005. Worcestershire Flora Project Newsletter
p.47-48  Bird food aliens. Harry Green
p.48      Glowing worms. Peter Williams
p.48      The Dotted Beefly Bombylius discolorHarry Green
p.49      Pear leaf gall caused by fungus Gymnosporangium sabinae. Harry Green
p.50-53  Land snails on roadsides in SE Worcestershire. Terry Knight
p.54      Worcestershire Recorders & Worcestershire BRC recording days 2006
p.54      Species lists for recording days. John Partridge
p.55-61  Records for recording days 2006 other than vascular plants.
p.62-65  Vascular plant records for recording days 2006.
p.66-67  English Nature Research Information note. EN Research Report No. 707This is a link to EN website.The biodiversity of three traditional orchards within Wyre Forest SSSI. A survey by Wyre Forest Study Group. Edited by Malcolm J Smart & Rosemary A Winnall