Worcestershire Record Articles

Worcestershire Record No.18 April 2005

p.2         Worcestershire Record No. 18. Editorial. Annual Meeting 2005. Annual subscription 2005
p. 3        Elections at Worcestershire Recorders Annual Meeting. Geoff Trevis
p. 3        Worcestershire Biological Records Centre Manager’s Report. Simon Wood
p. 3        Worcestershire Entomological Day. Geoff Trevis 
p. 4        Recording Worcestershire’s breeding birds. Harry Green
p. 4        BirdTrack
p. 5        Birds in Worcestershire November 2004 to April 2005. Gavin Peplow
p. 5-6      Waxwings and eastern buntings in Worcestershire. Andy Warr
p. 6-7      The Pine Bunting in Worcestershire 15-24th January 2005. Gavin Peplow
p.7          More buzzard news. Rosemary Winnall         
p. 8         Notes on colour ringed waxwings in Worcestershire. Gavin Peplow
p. 9-14     All out for a duck: Wigeon ringing at Bredons Hardwick. John Hodson
p. 15        Birds and bugs October 2004 to January 2005. Mark & Christine Turner
p. 15-16    A Waxwing Winter arrives at Broadway. Mark & Christine Turner
p. 16        Antagonistic behaviour of Green Woodpecker. Mark & Christine Turner
p. 16-17    Long-tailed tits September 2004 to March 2005. Garth Lowe
p. 17        Scarlet elf cup fungi at Southstone Rock. Justin Smith.
p. 18-19    Recent records of note, winter 2004/5. Kevin McGee
p. 19        Worcestershire’s Ancient Tree Register. Harry Green
p. 20-21    Elm map. Harry Green
p. 21        Worcestershire Flora Project botanical field meetings 2005. J J Day
p. 22-23    Egyptian grasshopper Anacridium aegyptum in Droitwich. Harry Green
p. 23-24    Noble chafer Gnorimus nobilis – please keep looking. Harry Green
p. 24-25    Kemerton cuttings. John Clarke
p. 25        Bredon Hill Spotted Flycatcher survey. John Clarke
p. 25-26    A ‘user-friendly’ specimen hunting technique. John Meiklejohn
p. 26-27    Rough grass, small areas. John Partridge
p. 27         Old records of ‘vermin’ on south Worcestershire. John D Dodge
p. 27         Worcestershire Mammal Atlas project. Harry Green
p. 28         Small mammals in drink cans. John Dodgson
p. 29-31    The Grafton Wood animal damage survey. Cyril Johnson, Wendy Johnson, John Tilt
p. 32-43    Densities of common plants in SE Worcestershire. Terry Knight
p. 44         Worcestershire Vision mapping project. Helen Sharman and Becky Lashley
p. 45         THE SPOTTED WHAT!? A book by John Clarke (order form in .pdf format)