Worcestershire Record Articles

Worcestershire Record No.17 November 2004

p. 2            Worcestershire Record No. 17. Editorial. Annual Meeting 2005. Annual subscription 2005
p. 3            Recording Worcestershire’s breeding birds – a new project. Harry Green
p. 4            WBRC Manager’s Report Simon Wood
p. 4-5         Annual Report from Worcestershire Recorders committee Geoff Trevis
p. 6-7         WWT Adult identification and recording courses 2005 Programme. Tessa Carrick
p. 7            Records of protected species wanted.
p. 7            Mammal records: Worcestershire Mammal Atlas Project
p. 7            First record of hedgehog in Worcestershire? Terry Knight
p. 8-10       BTO Surveys. Harry Green
p. 11          Observations of feeding redwings and fieldfares. John Robinson
p. 12          Records from Ashton-under-Hill 2004. Roger Umpelby
p. 13          Birds and bugs June to September 2004. Mark & Christine Turner
p. 14          Birds in Worcestershire May to October 2004. Gavin Peplow
p. 15          Kemerton cuttings to October 2004. John Clarke
p. 15          Bredon Hill Spotted Flycatcher survey 2004. John Clarke
p. 16          Noble chafer Gnorimus nobilis: the hunt continues. Harry Green
p. 17-18     Scarce chaser Libellula fulva makes a surprise addition to the county list. Mike Averill
p. 17          Appeal for help with survey. Mike Averill
p. 19          Dragonflies in 2004. Mike Averill
p. 19-20     Conchological Society of Great Britain visit to Wyre Forest 26-27 June 2004.
p. 21-23     Aculeate hymenoptera. Geoff Trevis
p. 24-25     Mistletoe bugs and a weevil: Ixapion variegatus in Worcestershire. Harry Green & John Meiklejohn.
p. 25-26     Some Worcestershire barklice (Insecta: Psocoptera) observations. Bob Saville
p. 26-27     The Lily Beetle Lilioceris lilii and the harlequin ladybird Harmonia axyridisHarry Green
p. 27-28    Waxcap grasslands. Rosemary Winnall
p. 29          How bad is a hornet sting? John Tilt
p. 29          Hornets on the move.
p. 30          The median or French wasp Dolichovespula mediaHarry Green
p. 30          Big Hoverflies in Stourbridge. Brett Westwood & Harry Green
p. 31-34     Shieldbugs of Worcestershire. John Partridge
p. 35-39     Recent records of note. Kevin McGee
p. 40-42     Butterflies and bumblebees between Blackminster and Bretforton. Terry Knight
p. 42         Bumblebees. Harry Green
p. 43-45    Domesday Woodland in Worcestershire. Bert Reid
p. 46-51    Report of the spring meeting of the British Bryological Society (BBS) in Worcestershire, April 2004. Tessa Carrick
p. 52-53    Moss and liverwort news. Tessa Carrick
p. 54         Border Bryologists 2004-2005. Mark Lawley
p. 54         Some observations on Worcestershire galls. John Day
p. 55-61     Ancient tree records to 26.11.2004. compiled by John Tilt
p. 61         The Goodmoor Oak: a correction. Brian Stephens
p. 62-81     WBRC and Worcestershire Recorders field recording days 2004. Notes and Species Lists