Worcestershire Record Articles

Worcestershire Record No.15 November 2003

p.2     Worcestershire Record No. 15. Editorial. Annual Meeting 2004. Annual subscription 2004.
p.3     Worcestershire Recorders Committee. Elections. Constitution
p.4     Annual Meeting 2004 – some details. Field Recording days 2004.
p.5     WWT Programme of Courses 2004
p.6     Worcestershire Ancient Tree Register. Harry Green & John Tilt
p.8    Worcestershire Mammals Atlas Project. Harry Green & Shaun Micklewright.
p.11    Pick up a Polecat. Johnny Birks
p.11    Locating a Barbastelle Bat colony in Worcestershire. Johnny Birks
p. 12    What should WBRC do about bird records? Harry Green
p.13    Birds in Worcestershire May-October 2003. Gavin Peplow
p.14    Raptor round-up January to August 2003, Evesham to Cotswold escarpment. Mark Turner & Christine Turner
p.14    Crossbill
p.15    BTO Surveys. Harry Green
p.16    Spotted Flycatcher Project 2003. John Clarke
p.18    Wintering Common Pochard & Tufted Duck, Moors Pool, Upton Warren. Tessa Carrick
p20    Buzzards – yet more!
p.20    Kemerton Cuttings. John Clarke
p.22    Breeding Avocets in Worcestershire. John Hodson
p.23    National Moth Night 12th April 2003 & 22nd May 2004. Rosemary Winnall & Neil Gregory
p.24    The status and numbers of roof-nesting gulls in Worcester. Peter Rock
p.29    Chapter Meadows Bird Survey 2003. Stuart Worrall
p.33    Records of note 2003. Kevin McGee
p.36    Luffia ferchaultella larvae also known as bagworms. Harry Green
p.36    The Long-winged Conehead in Worcestershire. John Meiklejohn
p.37    Carabid records from WBRC. John Partridge
p.38    Worcestershire spiders. John Partridge
p.39    Conchological Society Field Meeting in Worcestershire 21-22 June 2003.
p.40    Hornets at light traps. Neil Gregory
p.40    Hornets and moths in a garden. Colin Harrison
p.41    Head case. Brett Westwood
p.41    Hornets. Harry Green
p.41    Hymenoptera 2003. Geoff Trevis
p.41    Dragonflies in 2003. Mike Averill
p.43    Confirmation of identity of a millipede new to Worcestershire. John Meiklejohn
p.43    Parasitic Ichneumonoid wasps at light traps. Mike Bloxham
p.44    Land Caddis Enoicyla pusillaHarry Green & Brett Westwood
p.45    Butterfly records from Windmill Hill 1982-2002. Terry Knight
p.51    Grave Matters in Worcestershire. Joy Ricketts
p.52    A Tale of Two Tetrads – local floral change. Bert Reid
p.58    Border Bryologists� meetings Jan-April 2003. Mark Lawley
p.58    Worcestershire Bryophyte Recorder. Ann Hill
p.59    The Sorb Tree of Wyre. The True Service or Whitty Pear Tree. Fred Jennings
Worcestershire Recording Days 2003 –The following documents are large
p.62    Intro & Kempsey Common 31st May 2003.
p.68    Gwen Finch Reserve, Birlingham, 5th July 2003.
p.72    Hillwood Farm & Deaths Dingle 9th August 2003.
p.76    Flora lists from all recording days. John Day
p.78    Slow-worms in a Sale Green Garden. Colin Harrison.
p.79    Worcestershire Ancient Tree Register – distribution map of sites with trees (November 2003). Prepared by John Tilt