Worcestershire Record Articles

Worcestershire Record No.14 April 2003

p.2    Editorial
p.3    Worcestershire Recorders
p.3    WBRC Manager’s Report
p.4    News from Worcestershire Biodiversity Partnership
p.5    Worcestershire’s Ancient Tree register
p.6    Misumena vatia records required
p.7    Continuing the search for Land Caddis Enoicyla pusilla
p.8    BTO Surveys
p.9    Birds in Worcestershire November 2002 to April 2003
p.10    Sparrowhawk stalking on foot
p.10    What do buzzards eat?
p.10    Mallard feeding frenzy
p.10    Dates of First Cuckoo in Spring
p.11    Rose-coloured starling in SE Worcestershire
p.12    Raptor watching in SE Worcestershire
p.14    Great Cormorants on Moors Pool, Upton Warren
p.16    In search of the woolly bear – please help
p.16    Observations on some Worcestershire Macrolepidoptera
p.17    Celyphia woodiana: a rare and localised insect for recorders to look out for
p.17    The mining bee colony at Kemerton Lake nature reserve
p.18    The noble chafer – records wanted
p.19    Volucella inanis reaches Worcestershire
p.20    VC37 (Worcestershire) Butterfly transect annual review 2002
p.22    Caterpillars in December at Sale Green
p.23    Worcestershire Moth Report 2002
p.25    Worcestershire Flora Project Progress Report
p.28    Worcestershire Black Poplar survey 2002
p.29    Worcestershire Mammal Atlas
p.31    The contemporary Bryological scene in Worcestershire
p.33    Mud-covered moss hunters – Worcestershire moss group
p.34    The squash bug Coreus marginata in Worcestershire
p.35    Field garlics and wild orchids at Windmill Hill 1970-2002
p.38    Worcestershire botany – the historical record
p.45    Recent declines in Worcestershire Flora (1970-2002)assessed from changes in tetrad distribution
p.45    Tales of Eastern borage and trails from the archives
p.47    Assessing change from the botanical literature: An example: changes in Fabceae 1867-2000
p.49    Biographies of Worcestershire botanists. No1: William Groves Perry 1796-1836
p.53    Worcestershire Algae