Worcestershire Record Articles

Worcestershire Record No.11 November 2001

p.2      Editorial
p.2      Field Meetings 2002
p.3      Worcestershire Biological Records Centre – progress report
p.3      Policy on the use of Worcestershire Biological Records Centre Data
p.3      Computerisation of Records, Volunteers Wanted, Records Wanted
p.5      Stag Beetle survey of southern Worcestershire
p.6      Courses for adults on Identification and Recording
p.6      The Border Bryologists
p.7      The Noble Chafer – records wanted
p.8      British Trust for Ornithology Surveys
p.9       Birds in Worcestershire – May to October 2001
p.10     Spotted Flycatcher survey
p.11     What do Buzzards eat?
p.11     Dates of the first Cuckoo in spring 1916 – 2000
p.12     Kemerton Cuttings: News from the Kemerton Trust
p.12     A Check List of the Worcestershire Flora
p.13     Wintering Gulls in Worcestershire Part 3 Lesser Black-backed Gull
p.18     Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside
p.21     Melrose Meadow 2001 Butterfly Transect
p.23     Two rare Fungi
p.23     Some Invertebrates to look out for
p.24     Hymenoptera – Summer 2001
p.24     Worcestershire Spiders
p.25     Chasers on the Wood Shed
p.26     Abia sawflies at Mill Meadow, Drakes Broughton
p.27     Records of Note 2001
p.31     Dolichovespula media. Records of this unusual wasp
p.32     The Earwigs of Worcestershire
p.33     Worcestershire Mammal Atlas update
p.33     Winter mammal monitoring (National Pilot project)
p.34     Zebra Mussels: a warning and history
p.34     Worcestershire Turtles and crawling King Snakes
p.37     The status and distribution of Great Crested Newts in Worcestershire 2000
p.39     Wyre Forest Adder census and report 2000
p.40     Limax maculatus: new to Worcestershire
p.40     Bryophytes 2001
p.41     Wyre Forest Study Group
p.42     Tetrad Survey 2001
p.44     Bombardier Beetle found near Honeybourne
p.45     WBRC Field Meeting Penny Hill Bank & Quarry 21 July 2001
p.49     WBRC Field Meeting Devils Spittleful 1 September 2001