Worcestershire Wildlife Recorders Privacy Policy

Worcestershire Recorders General               Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Legitimate Interests Policy

In line with the GDPR, Worcestershire Recorders gives notice that we intend to ensure the privacy of the data you have given us, under the Regulations’ Legitimate Interests section.

Worcestershire Recorders Legitimate Interests are to collect names, addresses, email addresses and phone details of members that sign up for annual membership of the Worcestershire Recorders.

The Worcestershire Recorders Committee takes your privacy seriously and, therefore, we shall use any personal information you have given us for the following purposes only:

Worcestershire Recorders use contact details to keep members informed of events such as meetings, field recording days and any other events that may be relevant. Members address details are also used to send out a copy of our twice-yearly journal, the Worcestershire Record, which is included as a benefit of membership to Worcestershire Recorders.

For those members that attend our organised Field Recording days and any other similar events that may be held in association with other wildlife recording groups such as the Wildlife Trust etc., their name will be associated with any biological records that are made. These records in turn are submitted to the Worcestershire Biological Records Centre (WBRC), the relevant land owners where the sightings are made and may also be submitted to the CEH iRecord biological recording system.

Members’ details are only used by those on the Worcestershire Recorders Committee in those ways that any member would normally expect us to use the details, and will not be shared with anyone else other than the biological sightings recorder and verifier names as mentioned above.

Any personal data supplied by you will be kept on file for no longer than is necessary for our purposes.

We shall process your data as necessary for the purposes of our Legitimate Interests.

We shall normally contact you if required to do so by digital means, telephone or post as required. Due diligence will be applied to ensure that each member’s rights and interests are proportionate, fully considered and protected.

If any member objects, in any way, to their contact data being held by Worcestershire Recorders, he or she should inform the Membership Secretary at or write to Worcestershire Recorders, WBRC, Lower Smite Farm, Hindlip, Worcestershire WR3 8SZ and we shall delete it forthwith.

Worcestershire Recorders will review and update its “Legitimate Interests Policy” when there are any changes in the purpose, nature or context of the processing and we shall regularly review the data that we hold.

Published February 2024