Worcestershire Record Articles

Worcestershire Record No.9 November 2000

p.2    Worcestershire Record No 9
p.3    Don Goddard
p.4    Recorder 2000 – 1
p.4    Recorder 2000 -2
p.5    BRC Report, December 2000
p.5    Wyre Forest Study Group
p.5    Adopt a square (or a plot or a pond)
p.5    Consumer GPS comes of age
p.7    Border Bryologists 2001 programme
p.7    What do buzzards eat?
p.8    Water beetles in Worcestershire
p.10   Birds in Worcestershire May-October 2000
p.11   BTO Surveys
p.12   Using species records in 2000
p.13   Species knowledge in site management – the need for local information
p.13   Clouded Yellow, Colias croceus f. ‘helice’ at Mill Meadow
p.13   A new mammals atlas for Worcestershire?
p.14   Use of bird feeder by dormice
p.14   Water vole soup
p.15   Water shrews in Worcestershire
p.15   Grass Snakes in Drakes Broughton
p.15   Argyroneta surfaces again!
p.16   Orthoptera identification at Grafton Wood August 2000
p.16   Hopper Round-up
p.16   Alive and Ticking
p.17   Worcestershire’s Orthoptera
p.18   The rarest fly in Worcestershire- Paraclusia tigrina at Tiddesley Wood
p.18   Saltmarsh flies at Upton Warren Flashpools
p.18   Have legs, will travel! (Harvestman Dicranopalpus ramosus)
p.19   Bombus ruderatus, the Large Garden Bumble Bee at Windmill Hill
p.19   The Sycamore Moth – Acronita aceris. Confirmed modern record for Worcestershire.
p.20   Hymenoptera 2000
p.21   Hymenopteran cells
p.23   Mistletoe bugs
p.23   The Kiss Me Slow beetle
p.23   Conopidae ( Diptera) at Mill Meadow, Drakes Broughton, 2000
p.24   Long-tailed Blue in Pershore
p.24   A New Gall on Alder
p.25   Mill Meadow, Drakes Broughton, 2000, Coleoptera of Note
p.25   Tiddesley Wood, 2000, Coleoptera of Note
p.26   Adder census 1999 & Population Trends through the 1990s
p.28   he status and distribution of Great Crested Newt in Worcestershire 2000
p.30   So, have you ever looked closely at a moss or liverwort?
p.31   Elms in Worcestershire
p.33   Summary of Main Characteristics of Elms
p.33   Elm Galls
p.34   Recording Day at Grimley Brick Pits (North) 29th July 2000