Worcestershire Record Articles

Worcestershire Record No.20 April 2006

p.3      WBRC Manager’s Report. Simon Wood
p.3      Elections at the Annual Meeting 18th March 2006. Geoff Trevis
p.3      A Rare Bug in a tussock. John Partridge
p.4-5   Submitting records to the WBRC. Contacts for help with identifications. Compiled by Martin Skirrow
p.6      The Worcestershire Mammal Atlas – we need records. Harry Green
p.7       Bumblebees for beginners. John Dodgson
p.7      Mammals in bottles and cans; part 2. John Dodgson
p.8      Yet another RDB2 beetle in Defford. John Meiklejohn
p.8      The Dragonflies of Herefordshire. A new book
p.9      Identification and associated courses organised by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust
p.9      The Worcestershire Moss Group. Tessa Carrick
p.10     Worcestershire Entomology Day 2006 on 28th October
p.11-15 Brown Hairstreak Thecla betulae on the move. Mike Williams
p.16-18 The distribution of two ‘new’ micromoths in Worcestershire. Robert Homan
p.19     News from a wildlife CCTV camera! Rosemary Winnall
p.20     The Conocephalum challenge. Tessa Carrick
p.21     Local kestrel update and other observations. Mark & Christine Turner
p.22     Kemerton cuttings. John Clarke
p.23-24 Hawfinches – getting the shot. John Robinson
p.24     The irruption of wintering hawfinches in Worcestershire. Andy Warr
p.25     The hawfinch. Harry Green
p.26     Hawfinch at Bronsil, near Ledbury. Peter Holmes
p.26     Hawfinches at Kemerton. John Clarke
p.26     Hawfinches in Redditch and nearby. Gary Farmer
p.26     What do buzzards eat? Notes by Martin Skirrow, Harry Green, Mike Southall
p.27     Woodpecker work. Harry Green
p.28-29 Recording Worcestershire’s breeding birds. Patrick Taylor
p.30     Vision Mapping, one year on … . Becky Lashley
p.31     Birds in Worcestershire November 2005 to March 2006. Gavin Peplow
p.32     BTO Surveys. Harry Green
p.33     Bird cover crop use at Lower Smite Farm. Steve Bloomfield
p.34-42 The alluvial archeobiota of the Worcestershire River Avon. P F Whitehead
p.42     Evidence of wild horse Equus ferus at South Littleton. P F Whitehead
p.43-51 Dandelion distribution in Greater Worcestershire. Bert Reid
p.52-63 The Littletons in 1985 – a natural history diary. Terry Knight