Worcestershire Record Articles

Worcestershire Record No.19 November 2005

p. 2       Worcestershire Record No. 19. Editorial. 
p. 3       Worcestershire Recorders Committee. Geoff Trevis
p. 3       Worcestershire Recorders Annual Meeting: Election of committee. Geoff Trevis
p. 3-4    Worcestershire Biological Records Centre Managers Report. Simon Wood
p. 4       Records by email. John Partridge
p. 4       Worcestershire dragonflies 2005. Mike Averill
p. 4       Second record of rare oil beetle Meloe rugosus.
p. 5       Worcestershire Recorders & WBRC field recording days 2005. Introduction
p. 6       Where is the county boundary?
p. 7       Worcestershire Ancient Tree Register. Harry Green & John Tilt
p. 8-11   A summarised report of Peregrine observations at Pershore Abbey. Mark & Christine Turner
p. 12      Birds in Worcestershire May to October 2005. Gavin Peplow
p. 12      Barn owls. Johnny Birks
p. 13      What do buzzards eat?
p. 13      The Malvern Hills 2005: an autumn passage bird bonanza. Andy Warr
p. 13      The Bredon Hill Spotted Flycatcher survey 2005. John Clarke
p. 13-14  Kemerton Cuttings. John Clarke
p. 14      Scarlet Tiger Moth Callimorpha dominula. Bridget Oleksy
p. 14-15  Harlequin ladybird Harmonia axyridis reaches Stourbridge. Harry Green
p. 16-17  In Search of the Land Caddis (Part 2). Harry Green & Brett Westwood
p. 18-19  Mistletoe invertebrates. Celypha woodiana. Harry Green
p. 20-21  Conchological Society of GB & Ireland field meeting, Bredon Hill, 1st October 2005. R Boyce, H Green, R Hill & D Long
p.22-23   Hopper Update Gary Farmer
p.22       Diving Groundhopper Gary Farmer
p. 24-28  Recent records of note, summer 2005. Kevin McGee
p. 28-29  Noble chafer Gnorimus nobilis: yet more records! Harry Green
p. 29      Courtship dance of Lamprochernes nodosus. Paul F Whitehead
p. 30      Vision mapping: the story so far. Becky Lashley
p. 31-37  Cherry Orchard, Worcester. Geoff Trevis
p. 38       Notoxus monocerosHarry Green
p. 39-43  Wyre Forest Adder Report 2004. Sylvia Sheldon
p. 43       Border bryologists 2005-2006. Mark Lawley
p. 44-46  Castlemorton Common Flora 2005. Keith Barnett
p. 47-54  Worcestershire Butterfly Transects 2004. John Tilt
p. 55-56  Worcestershire lichens. What a difference a century makes. Joy Ricketts
p. 57-60   Lichen check-list for Worcestershire 2005. Joy Ricketts
p. 61-62   A survey of old cherry orchards near Bewdley. Brian M Stephens
p. 63-67   Frequencies of plants in south-east Worcestershire. Terry Knight
p. 68       Field Recording Days 2005  lead page.