Worcestershire Record Articles

Worcestershire Record No.16 April 2004

p.2          Worcestershire Record No. 16. Editorial. Annual Meeting 2005.
p.3          New sub-species of mammal discovered in Worcestershire (?) Anon
p.4          Recording Worcestershire’s breeding birds. A new project. Harry Green
p.5          Birds in Worcestershire November 2003 to April 2004. Gavin Peplow
p. 6         BTO Surveys. Harry Green
p. 7-8      Kites and buzzards. Mark Turner
p. 8-9      What do buzzards eat? Notes from Will Watson, Roger Umpelby and Rosemary Winnall
p. 9          Spotted flycatchers. John Clarke
p. 10-11   The Noble Chafer Gnorimus nobilis. Records needed. Harry Green
p. 12         Mammal Records – the Worcestershire Mammal Atlas Project. Shaun Micklewright
p. 12         Hornet stories. Brenda Allan
p. 13         Worcestershire Ancient Tree recording. John Tilt
p. 14-17    Recent highlights in ancient tree recording and management. Harry Green
p. 18-20    The Goodmoor Oak Brian Stephens
p. 20         Wyre Forest Study Group. Rosemary Winnall
p. 21-22    Fascinating frogs. Rosemary Winnall
p. 22-24    Worcestershire Moth Report 2003. A N B Simpson
p. 24-25     Records from Ashton-under-Hill 2003. Roger Umpelby
p. 26-27     Parasitic Ichneumonoid wasps in light traps (2004). Mike Bloxham
p. 27-28     Aculeate hymenoptera in Worcestershire. Geoff Trevis
p. 28-29     The wasps and bees (Hymenoptera) of Hartlebury Common and Devils Spittleful. Michael Archer
p. 29-30     Taxonomic revision of the ants of genus Lasius. Geoff Trevis
p. 30-31     Snake fly Raphidia xanthostigma. Michael Southall
p. 31-32     The Year of the Morel? John Meiklejohn
p. 32-33     More recent records of note. Kevin McGee
p. 33-35     Selected highlights of 2003 with photographs. Kevin McGee
p. 35          Acer v. Pyrus? Worcester High Street Trees. Joy Ricketts
p. 36-41     Trench Wood: Common Bird Census (CBC) and Butterfly Transects. John Tilt
p. 42-45     Recording the herb component of the grassland at Windmill Hill. Terry Knight
p. 46-47     Moss enthusiasts invade Worcestershire. Tessa Carrick
p. 48-49     Bygone Bryologists; Henry Herbert Knight (1862-1944). Jonathan Graham & Mark Lawley
p. 49          Tail piece
p. 50-54     Wyre Forest Adder Report 2003. Sylvia Sheldon