Worcestershire Record Articles

Worcestershire Record No.13 November 2002

p.2     Editorial
p.3     WBRC Developments
p.4     Skills on Show
p.5     Spider Notes
p.6     Worcestershire’s Ancient Tree Register
p.7     Freshwater Algae of Worcestershire
p.8     Mosses and Liverworts in the West Midlands
p.9     Hunting Sphagnum
p.9     Border Bryologists, 2002 – 2003
p.9     Discovery of Eleogiton fluitans at Castle Morton Common
p.10   BTO Surveys
p.13    Buzzard Story
p.13    Assemblage of Common Buzzards
p.13    More Buzzard Food
p.13    Wren at peanut feeder
p.14    Further encounter with a sparrowhawk
p.14    Crossbills
p.15    Birds in Worcestershire – April 2002 to October 2002
p.15    Bredon Hill Spotted Flycatcher Survey
p.16    Egrets of Worcestershire
p.16    Kemerton Cuttings
p.17    Lesser Spotted Woodpecker – New at Upton Warren
p.17    Worcester Barn Owl Society
p.18    Observations of pre-roosting behaviour of Corvids at Bunkers Hill Wood
p.19    Study of the importance of gardens for Tree Sparrows
p.22    Chaddesley Wood bird surveys
p.23    Pine Marten record for Worcestershire?
p.24    Worcestershire Mammal Atlas
p.24    Dragonflies in 2002
p.25    Byctiscus populi. The status and biology of a rare SAP weevil in Worcestershire
p.27    Suburban insects in Worcestershire 12-13 August 2002
p.28    Garden Hoverflies    
p.28    Continuing the search for Enoicyla pusilla
p.29    Lepidoptera, records of note, 2002
p.30    Coleoptera, records of note, 2002
p.31    Diptera, records of note, 2002
p.31    Heteroptera, records of note, 2002
p.32    Symphyta, records of note, 2002
p.32    Glow-worms at Windmill Hill Reserve
p.33    Fungal Note
p.34    Metoecus paradoxus
p.35    Adders in the Wyre Forest 2001
p.37    Worcestershire Recorders’ Recording Days
VC37 and Greater Worcestershire: the recording area of WBRC